JavaScript for starters - class overview

Hi, and welcome to the overview of my upcoming class, JavaScript for Starters.

In the following paragraphs, I'll try to answer the questions I think are most probable to be asked about the class. So, please, try not to skip any parts of the page for complete information.

Who should enroll in this class?

This class is perfect for anyone new to JavaScript. I'll be explaining the building blocks of the language in-depth, with frequent examples and practice tests for students to sharpen their skills as we learn.

It is also perfect for newcomers with little experience with the language and who would like to level up their skills. I originally planned to make it a short one and cover just the basics, but that soon changed when I started writing the course outline.

In addition to these, I've organized the class such that it doesn't only help users with laptop and desktop computers. It'll also benefit those who code with mobile devices, especially Android phones. I started learning to code with just an Android phone and remained like that for over 18 months, so I've got some experience with it 😉.

How will the class be held?

The class will be held using Google Classroom. I chose it because it's easy to access. All you need to join is a Google Account (which you probably have already) and the Google Classroom app, which you can download from the Google Play Store, or the App Store, for iPhone users. You can also access it on

I won't share the whole set of videos in the class at once like most online courses. I'll instead share videos one after the other, so there will be room for discussion. I'll also conduct regular assignments.

What you will learn in the class

I will be focusing mainly on JavaScript but might divert a little too to basic HTML and CSS to explain some JavaScript concepts. If you want to enroll in this class, an adequate understanding of basic HTML and CSS is required.

I'll discuss core JavaScript features and some browser APIs used when writing web applications, including the web storage API, the DOM API, and the XMLHttpRequest API, to name a few. I have written a complete outline of the class, and you can read that here.

Is the class specific to people from a definite geographical area

No, the class is for anyone. Although I'm a Nigerian, I didn't make the class for Nigerians only. Anyone can join, provided they understand me.

Is the class free?

Yes and No.

The class will be in two parts. The first is free and will give you an idea of what you'll get for your money when you finally pay for the other part of the class. You can therefore decide if it's worth paying for or not.

I'll cover the first four modules in the course outline in the first part of the class. You can then join the other part by making a one-time payment of #7500 (seven thousand five hundred Naira), which is approximately $16.

What are the available payment methods?

I'll be using Paystack to collect payments for the class. Paystack is an online payment processing company for African businesses. It supports various payment methods, from cards to mobile money accounts, QR codes, direct transfers from bank accounts, and USSD. It is now owned by Stripe.

If you're from Nigeria, you can pay with any of the above payment methods. Else, you can only pay with a card, which must be a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Verve card. These are the cards supported by Paystack for international payments to Nigeria.

Please make sure you're on whenever you want to make payments. You can do so by checking your browser address bar.

How to join the class

To join the class, you have to subscribe to the class's newsletter by filling out the form below. Please, be sure to verify your subscription (by clicking the link sent to your email) after hitting subscribe to get added to the list. If you can't find the email in your inbox, check your spam folder, mark the message as not spam, and click on the verification link.

I'll send my WhatsApp link via email before the class starts, through which you can send me a message. When it's time to join, I'll send the link or access code to join it via email and WhatsApp, which you enter in the Google Classroom app or website, to get added to the class.

Use the form below to join the newsletter.

Have questions about the class?

If you have questions about the class, ask them by replying to this tweet.

Please do not send in your questions directly to me via WhatsApp, as I might not be able to answer all questions. Twitter is public, so anyone who might have the same questions can already get the answer to them without having to ask again.

You can also tag me \@AbdulramonJemil in your Tweets to get me to reply to them. But questions specific to this class should be sent as replies to the tweet above, as other people might even help answer them.

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